Do you think Universal Basic Income will ever become standard practice in the USA?

How many people in the U.S. live without shelter? And how many of them do not have a job? What would the life meant to them in this situation? All these questions and much more need to be answered and solved in order to save people’s dignity and have better society. To do so, there are thousands of ways, but one of the easiest ways is universal basic income. Many activities and other people have urged the U.S. government to standardize it. Moreover, Universal Basic Income is more likely to become standard practice in the U.S. due to its several advantages to both the government and its citizens, such as promoting education and improving the quality of life.

Education is the essential part of healthy society. Future is for those who care about education, and make it one of their priorities. Furthermore, by standardizing universal basic income people would focus on their education and spend more time and money on it. They will not have to worry about their basic needs, so they will give more attention to education, and how they can give more knowledge.

Evaluating governments could be by evaluating the life of their people. The more fair lives people have, that means how good governments are. Obviously, by standardize the universal basic income people will have better life, and the quality of their lives will be at higher level. That means basic services and infrastructure are covered.

In conclusion, universal basic income is a choice for governments right now. It is their decision whether make it or nor. However, more pressure would be on them in the future to implement it, so it is better to take a step forward and start regulating it as soon as possible. The reason behind that is the several benefits the program has to the government before its citizens, such as promoting education and improve the quality of life.

The influence of advertising in today’s world

In today’s world, the economy plays an important aspect in our lives, and companies take a part of that economy. For instance, each company does its best to maximize its revenues, and plays a bigger role in the economy. To do so, they use advertising as an effective material, and big amounts of money from their budgets for it. Moreover, the primary reason of advertising for companies is to persuade customers to buy their products or services. However, most companies nowadays do not care about people’s feeling or believes, and use advertising in an offensive way, just to have higher sales. Furthermore, advertising has bad influences in our lives, especially on children, eating habits and the way how people look at women.

First: the manner of children has changed for the worse because of advertising. Children watch television more than before, and they are stick on technology devices such as laptops, IPads and video games. A lot of companies that target children to persuade them to buy their products use violence on their advertisements. Children’s manners changed according to this advertising without knowing this is bad.

Second, The World Health Organization has announced that the number of people around the world who suffer from overweight is increasing. What can be understood from that is our eating habits have change badly. Moreover, there are thousands of food ads everywhere such as television, streets, social media sites and applications and even in metro stations. However, most of these encourage people to eat unhealthy food.

Third and the most insulting of the influences of adverting is that it changes the way in which people look at women. It hard for me to say that but this is what I see in advertising every day. In many ads, companies use women in very offensive situations. They picture women as a product or something that has no value.

In conclusion, I believe that companies have the right to advertise for their products and services. However, they do not have the right to insult anyone or hurt a group of people. Nowadays, advertising impacts our lives in a negative way. Children, eating habits and the image of women are most impacted by advertising. An action needs to be taken in order to have more respectful, safe and healthy advertising.