Has online social networking helped us or harmed us?

Nowadays, social networking is doing many things for us. Many people need social networking to work, shop and communicate. For example, when I open Facebook I can see a lot of information about my friends. So I usually can get a lot of interesting information from Facebook. In my opinion, I will suggest when people are using online social networking don’t use it for too long . I know the online social networking is helpful to develop people’s social condition but on the other hand it can make same problems for us, so we should have a balance.



If you could meet any dead or a live, who would it be and why?

I sometimes think that it would be lovely if my dad would just be sitting our living room having a meal with us, conversing with me. The bad moment was when I was 8 months old and my dad died. The saddest thing is when I am feeling alone because I miss him so much. I will feel happy when I meet him now. It would be the best feeling in the world.



What would you do if you knew you would not fail ?

I am not going to worry about my life and if I will fail, but I will wait for my dreams. Cleary, this is not simple. For many of us, this is a challenging question to answer even though we know we will not fail for sure. In my opinion, I will be happy and smile. If you know you are not going to fail, you can do every thing and you will feel comfortable. This is my dream if I know I’m not fail.





Happiness is the state of being or feeling happy. Happiness changes from one person to another. For example happiness can be from money or spending time with family or friends, or also being healthy. You can find happiness in many different ways, just do more if it makes you happy. One thing that you can do is help make other people be happy which will make you happy. It’s really simple to smile so do it.