In life we do not know what to expect and everything could change in a second. Losing someone who can not be replaced by anyone else is harder than anything else. I was affected by this,losing my father and it was the most devastating,frustrating feeling. He was in one day one moments suddenly gone. If I had a chance to meet him “my dream ” , I would first hug him,and tell him how much I love him and I missed him so much. He was my everything. There is no one in the world to replace the father. I ask for a great goodbye and to have the chance to look at his eyes again. Don’t trust life. Tell your loved one how much you loved them because it could happen in any moment.




Has online social networking harms us or helped us ?

The social network does more good than harm. Social sites are fast standing tools. The ability to post information immediately for the users keeps them always informed. It is the best way to be informed. Social networks provide a lot of things such as news,activities, and real life connections. However,there is also a disadvantage, we have to be  aware of the bad affects such as addiction,unhelpful,and not being in touch with those around us. The good benefit is greater than harm.


IMG_1118What would you do if you knew you would not fail?

In life most people share something in common, a desire to be successful. However, some will succeed and some will not. If you work on being successful really hard, you will make it. If I knew that I would not fail, I would be so proud of myself, and it would give me the motivation to keep going with what I do. We all want to achieve success so we can live comfortably. Have confidence, faith, trust, and work hard. This is the key to a successful life. It will take you beyond your limit. Believe in yourself and do it the right way so you can reach all of your goals.



Happiness is one of the most important things in life. It is commonly believed that happiness is achieved when you become rich, powerful, or popular however, it is not. Happiness is an emotional feeling that happens to the person for a reason and makes them feel excited like reaching the sky. So many things in life make you happy like family, great health, and a wonderful life. Believe me, the feeling of happiness when you help other people is priceless. Take the chance and be happy. Happiness is something very valuable.