Social networking



Social networking like the sea is very deep and wide. You should be careful when using it and use it appropriately. Social networking is importent and useful just when looking for what is good. Also, you must contribute useful things and not broadcast bad things on society. Your role in social networking is to be helpful and useful to others. You are like fisheman in social networking you must take useful information and leave no harm.




What would you if you know you would not fail?

Wherever you allow me the opportunity for success or failure I will be successful. I am confident in my cooking ability. When I cook I know what am I doing, and I can do that quickly. Moreover, I can create something new. I believe in myself and everyone tells me that this is amazing. I am sure that anyone who tastes my cooking will say it is delicious. If I could not fail I would open a restaurant and it would be successful. When I do I can feel successful because I trust my skills.



Happy group of friends, family with dog and cat jumping together


What do you think people need to be happy, and is there a difference between elements of their happiness? Some people have one reason to be happy, and other people want to have a lot of reason to be happy. In my perspective, you find happiness when you have a strong relationship with your family or friends. Moreover, you must have good health that makes you comfortable and happy. Also, living in a safe place far from risk can make you happy. After that, a job is important to provide you with money. Finally, you should get to own a house. These are basic elements that make you happy.  Whether you have one or more of these are up to you, because people are different from each other.