Has Online Social Networking Harmed Us Or Helped Us?

In decades there have been many advances in the technology. One of the most important of those advances has been the internet. The internet is particularly important because it enables people from different countries to share information with each other without travelling. Also we can communicate with friends from other parts of the world either by a sending message through typing or voice call. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Skype allow us to communicate through the internet.


What would you do if you knew you would not fail?

If you knew you would not fail there is no meaning of knowing a dream. If I knew I would not fail, I would go for my dream. If I would not fail, I would be perfect. In a company, I would be the CEO and I would not fail.  I think there would be no meaning for a dream.




Happiness is positive emotions, including joy, pride, contentment, and gratitude that money cannot buy. You can make your own happiness with all the blessings that you have in life like family, relationships, health, peace, and a great life.