Being kind is the most important feeling in the world, it make the person feel good about himself. Also, to be kind means you wish all the best things to others. I like to do good things to other people from time to time. For example, I give some people something like blankets to make them warm in the winter and also, sometimes I like to bay some food that I like to eat and give it to disadvantaged people. Being kind is not just giving other people food or money it also can be giving love to others. Finally, it is great to draw a smile on someone face. That will make the person feel good.



Make your dream come true

Everyone has a dream since childhood, but that varies from are person to another. When I was younger, I dreamed that I would become a doctor like my father, but that would disappear with time. As I grew older, I started to love electrical and electronic stuff. I was always trying to fix any hardware crashes in my home. Because of that, I studied electrical engineering. The study of engineer was difficult, but with determination, I achieved my goal, and I finally graduated from the college of engineering. In contrast, the field of engineering is useful to help people and make a profit at the same time. In sum, dreams change with time, but they usually change for the better. Be convinced of what you do and work hard to get what you want.



In my life, I have had to face several challenges. Some of these challenges are about how I can keep my studies and get the best grade because my major was difficult. I had to face this difficulty, but I managed. I am always eager to get my target. Also, one of these challenges is about how I can live in a new place far away from my country. The habits are different and also the environment is different. For example, when I came to the United States, I was surprised that the people here helped me so much. When I asked about something, I always found the answer. Finally, there many challenges in our lives, but facing those challenges is the most important. You must know how to face the challenges to continue with success.


A D.C trip

There are several benefits to field trips. I will write about some of these benefits. First, to learn about new places and see some landmarks in the country where you live. For example, on Wednesday, we visited monuments and the cherry blossom and also we learned more details about that area of DC. Second, to improve your language. This is the most important advantage of field trips. There, you talk to new people to learn about what you see. Third, you will have a lot of fun if you go on field trips. You will talk with new people, run around the place, kid with friends and do whatever you want. Finally, field trips are fun. We like to get rid of the pressures around us.



My Favorite Type Of Movie

Everyone has a view of the choice of films. A good movie is one which makes me happy and smiley. I prefer comedy and action movie. I think this type of movie makes me laugh. Also, I prefer watching movies at home with my family. Sometimes we watch a comedy movie and lough together. But when we watch action movie that makes me excited. My favorite actor is Leonardo DiCaprio. He is an amazing actor. My favorite movie is The Revenant. The film was describing how you can survive and fight to live. Finally, I love movies and I love action movies more than other types of movie




Everyone wants to materialize his or her dreams in the simplest and easiest way. But, if a genie offers to grant you three wishes, what would they be? I guess it depends on what it is that I cannot realize. First, I wish to correct every wrong decisions in my life because I made many wrong decisions. Second, having enough money. I think this is the most important wish to travel where I have not gone yet and I do what I have not been able to do before. Third, I wish to have a happy life because happiness is the most important thing in life. Finally, I hope to achieve everything I want and live a happy life




Everyone has a friend to trust, share secrets with and protect. But, there are kinds of friends who can listen to you and stand with you in the problems. That is who you call real friend. For example, if you need to do something important or if you have a problems, the first person who comes in your mine to talk with him, that who real friend. Rayan is my best friend. He is a wonderful friend. He knows how to make me smile all of the time. We are always together. Also, there are other kinds of friend. There is friend from school, friend from work and friend from childhood. The best friend can be one of those. Finally, real friend that pushes you forward not backward. In sum, not everyone you know becomes a real friend