Social Networking.


Social networking makes our lives easier. There are many reasons about this. We contact with each other through social networking, for example, through text messages, and phone. Furthermore, it is easy to find information about anything. Also, social networking helps us in working or studying, for example, whom we are posting articles. Our lives are easy because of the many positives of social networking.




There are many things I would do in my life if I knew that I wouldn’t fail. For example, if I knew I would be successful, I would open a new business. I would open my family project which is a design workshop, in which we design buildings and houses. We will work hard together, and I will give each one a job to do based on their skills. Also, I want to choose a good place to open my business workshop. As a result, I would do many things if I know I wouldn’t fail.




Being happy can be based on your personality,  but most people agree on some elements of happiness. One reason is to be close to your faith and beliefs.  I think if you believe and follow a specific thing, it gives you confidence.  Furthermore, you know what you should do, so you have a purpose in life.  Another reason is looking at beautiful views, like the trees, flowers, falls and rivers. Also, looking at children who are having fun and flying birds can make you feel extremely happy.  Also, there is a third reason which is helping people.  That means if you help to make people feel happy, you will be happy. These are the reasons which most people agree with that make them happy, but these are not all the reasons.