My mother is the most important person in my life. In my opinion , she is the best mother in the world. I miss her so much , because I have not seen her for 8 months. I have never studied to long with out seeing her. I plan to stay in the United state a long time, maybe more then 3 years. I feel choked because this makes me some time feel sad. I feel pressure because I want my family especially my mother to be proud of me. In fact, I study hard. I want to make this success for her, so I will do my best . I think I love my mother more than myself . To sum up, I hope my mother could see how much I love her and I think she knows about my heart to her.  I think she is a unique person and social to my life , so if I can to meet somebody I will choose my mother.


What would you do if you knew you would not fail?

I would do a lot of thing if I knew I would not fail. First of all, I do not know what I would do , but I think I would do what makes me happy. This is a good start if you knew you would fail. All people have different kinds of dreams but, most of us have a fear of the future so it would be great for me if I knew I would not fail. This gives me more comfort. In conclusion, I believe that failure is a part of great success.



A caring community


There are several ways to find happiness. Almost all people need and can get it from many things. There are many upsides for happiness. First of all, the great thing for happiness is to be with your family because family is very important to people,  and your family are the first people who will be happy because your are happy, like your father, mother and brother. Secondly, a good thing to find happiness is to be with your friends because I think friendship leads to happiness. To sum up, happiness is very important for our life specifically with the right people like your family and your friends.

Saud K

Kindness is very good for someone or something. For example, my family is always kind to me. My family is the most important for me. For an instance, my father always helps me to be good and successful. One day, I didn’t have any money to buy new mobile because my phone was old and he bought a new one for me when he came from his work. He told my mother, this is for Saud, and my mother gave it to me. She said this is from your father and I was very happy. It was a very special time. Also, always my father was very kind to my family, and I want to return this kindness for him.

Saud. k

Dreams Road Sign     
I have a dream

Today, I will talk about dreams. I think everyone has dreams. Also, everyone can get what they want, but they should work hard to get it. So, I have many dreams in my life. My dream to help my country especially with tourism. Saudi Arabia is a rich country because it has a lot of oil and money, but my country now needs a change from oil to tourism; therefore, I studied hotel management in my country. Tourism is very weak in Saudi Arabia, so I would like tourism to be strong. Likewise, people in my country don’t know much about this field. My family encouraged me to study this specialization and go into tourism. I would like to change the first source from oil to tourism like in Dubai. I have dreams to make Saudi Arabia the best country in the world. Before, I thought I’d work to live, but now, I will work to help my country to be better.

Saud K.


In my life, I have had to face several challenges. For example, challenges with myself when I want lose some weight this was a challenging situation because it was very difficult. I won’t eat fast food, or sugar. For example, when my friend went to restaurant, it was difficult because of my commitment to eat healthy food. I was very fat so I had to lose a lot of weight. In fact, I was enthusiastic about getting a healthy body.

Saud K.

There are many benefits to going with your classmates on a field trip. First, Washington D.C has a lot of historical places to visit. For example, we went to the Washington Monument. We saw the place where Martin Luther King gave his famous speech. We saw Martin Luther King’s sculpture. We saw Abraham Lincoln’s sculpture. Then, there are many ways to improve your language such as speaking with residents. We spoke with American people about several topics such as sports and music. Finally, a trip with your classmates is good to make good friends, so we had fun. One of professors, asked us about the White House and we had to go around to find the answer as if it was a small test. Therefore, we had a great time with our classmates and professors. IMG_9166