Has online social networking helped us or harmed us?

Every thing has its bad and good sides, but the essential question is which side of the scale is heavier. It is obvious that social networking stole our time, our family, and our friends away from us for the wrong purpose. Moreover, it became an adiction that people admit, but refuse to change. The pleasure that social networking provides us is irresistible. It does not just affect young people, it also extends to their parents. In my opinion, although the temptation of social networking is great, we need to resist it, because its disadvantages are heavier than its advantages.



What would you do if you knew you would not fail?

Success is an end goal that you can decide to have. Thomas Edison said,”Many of life’s failures are people who didn’t realize how close they were to success when they gave up”. Therefore, people who are committed to their goals and work hard always succeed. Failing is a required process to learn more and become an expert. Furtheremore, Thomas Edison considered failing as a discovery when he said,”I have not failed, l’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work”. As you can see, if you decide that failing is the end, you will be a failure, but if you consider failing as new information, you will be successful.



Is Happiness Reachable?

Your happiness relies on you as much as on your destiny. Some people need a lot of patience and strength to not be miserable those who suffer from a war, starvation, or illnesses. Therefore, if you don’t suffer from any of these, you should appreciate your life. Lack of appreciation makes you unhappy. People who don’t appreciate their lives always see the glass as half empty. There is no perfect life. Thus, we should focus on the glass as half full. A little money, freedom, love, and dignity could be enough to reach happiness. However, greediness prevents us enjoying our lives. As you can see, our attitude can make a difference, albeit our life’s conditions.