Has online social networking harmed us or helped us?

Social networking these days is everywhere around us. Social networking is very important for family members, coworkers, friends and just people who like to share the same type of interests, however, personal communication is also very important. How can we communicate? New technology brings us freedom to find each other around the world. Programs like Viber, Messenger, Skype and Facebook let us find our friends and relatives and remain a part of their lives. We can share with them happiness and misfortune. When you need somebody’s help your best friends can also help you. The great thing about social networking is that it does provide an opportunity to learn. You are always in the educational process. What is great about social networking?  You are always on the front line of the latest news. It helps us understand political situations around the World and make a correct next step. As you can see, social networking is a very important type of communication. It makes us happy, smart and healthy.

Has Online Social Networking Harmed Us Or Helped Us?

In decades there have been many advances in the technology. One of the most important of those advances has been the internet. The internet is particularly important because it enables people from different countries to share information with each other without travelling. Also we can communicate with friends from other parts of the world either by a sending message through typing or voice call. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Skype allow us to communicate through the internet.

If you could meet anyone dead or a live who would it be and why?

Spiritual life is very important in our life and for human nature it’s fine to think about our existence. Everybody sooner or later asks the same question. Who am I? What do I have to do with my life? If I have a choice to meet anyone in my life, it would be God. I would ask him who are we, the people? Are we the soul or the body or both? The second question is about life. Why are we living and what is the purpose of human life? Finally, I would like to ask God how to be a better human. As you can see, our internal ego is very important to each of us, but only God can answer the questions.

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I’m impressed and moved by your writing samples on the blog! Thank you taking the task so seriously, and for opening up and sharing so much about yourselves. Thank you for allowing us, instructors, to get to know you better. This type of communication is so important in education!
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Has online social networking helped us or harmed us?

Nowadays, social networking is doing many things for us. Many people need social networking to work, shop and communicate. For example, when I open Facebook I can see a lot of information about my friends. So I usually can get a lot of interesting information from Facebook. In my opinion, I will suggest when people are using online social networking don’t use it for too long . I know the online social networking is helpful to develop people’s social condition but on the other hand it can make same problems for us, so we should have a balance.



If you could meet any dead or a live, who would it be and why?

I sometimes think that it would be lovely if my dad would just be sitting our living room having a meal with us, conversing with me. The bad moment was when I was 8 months old and my dad died. The saddest thing is when I am feeling alone because I miss him so much. I will feel happy when I meet him now. It would be the best feeling in the world.



Has online social networking helped us or harmed us?

Every thing has its bad and good sides, but the essential question is which side of the scale is heavier. It is obvious that social networking stole our time, our family, and our friends away from us for the wrong purpose. Moreover, it became an adiction that people admit, but refuse to change. The pleasure that social networking provides us is irresistible. It does not just affect young people, it also extends to their parents. In my opinion, although the temptation of social networking is great, we need to resist it, because its disadvantages are heavier than its advantages.